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Welcome to the Technical Specification page for our software. This page provides a comprehensive overview of the technical requirements and specifications for running our software effectively and efficiently. We aim to ensure that our software performs optimally for all users and provides clear and concise information on the system requirements for installation and operation.

  • CPU: Intel Core i7/i9
  • Graphic card supporting 2K, that supports OpenGL (Search compatibility list at
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • SSD: 1 TB.
  • .Net 6.0
Required hardware for PCamCell/FMC
    • 2 Ethernet cards, one exclusively dedicated to connect with the Robot Controller.
  • Xoro MegaPAD 1564 V4 15.60", 16GB
Data Matrix Code scanner (DPM)
  • Datalogic PM9501-DPM910RBK10 wireless or Zebra DS4608-DPE wired.
Operating system
Software Virtual OS Win10 (22H2) Win11 (23H1) Web Server Cloud Azure
PCamWire Solid V20 CAM Drahtschneiden x v v
PCamDieSink CAM Senkerosion x v v<
PCamMMS CAM Measure Machine x v v
PCamCell JobManager automation x v v
PCamJM JobManager x v v
PCamPPS Process Planning System x v v
PCamTM Tool Management v v v v
PCamMonitor Server x v v
PCamMonitor Client Dashboard v v v v
MSSQL V18 v v v v
Exclude Folder %programdata%\PLCK
Folder %programdata%\PCamSettings
Folder %appdata%\PCamSettings

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