PCamFMC references: learn how our customers have improved and made their production processes more efficient.

Braunform GmbH

"The automatic Die Sink machine programming process allows us to increase the productivity of the department by 30%. Thomas Adler"

Braunform GmbH - CompanyLogo
Braunform GmbH - Layout_1818
Braunform GmbH - Live_1818

Fim-premec Srl

"Thanks to Massimo I completely changed my thinking about how to produce in the tool shop. Stephen."

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Fim-premec Srl - Layout_1112

fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH - CompanyLogo
fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH - Layout_2106

Girmec Technologies Srl

"Raddoppiato le ore macchina"

Girmec Technologies Srl - CompanyLogo
Girmec Technologies Srl - Layout_1913
Girmec Technologies Srl - Live_1913

Johann Hoefer & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG

"With the PCam solution we have achieved complete control of the mold manufacturing process. Dr Badock"

Johann Hoefer & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG - CompanyLogo
Johann Hoefer & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG - Layout_1634
Johann Hoefer & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG - Live_1634

MDM s.r.l.

"There were months when the machines ran 24 hours a day. Luca Minini."

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MDM s.r.l. - Live_MDM

Meccanica Fabbri S.n.c.

"The best production choice made in the company ever! Mirko Fabbri"

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Meccanica Fabbri S.n.c. - Layout_1710
Meccanica Fabbri S.n.c. - Live_1710

Radar Leather Division S.r.l.

"Raddoppiato le ore macchina"

Radar Leather Division S.r.l. - CompanyLogo
Radar Leather Division S.r.l. - Layout_1801
Radar Leather Division S.r.l. - Live_1801

Soldano Stampi srl

"The PCamRoboCube solution allows us to produce inserts automatically. Gianni Soldano"

Soldano Stampi srl - CompanyLogo
Soldano Stampi srl - Layout_1725
Soldano Stampi srl - Live_Soldano

Toman GmbH

"With the PCam cell we have doubled the hours with the same number of people. Josef Toman."

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Toman GmbH - Layout_1839
Toman GmbH - Live_1839

Toolcraft AG

"In 90 square meters we have automated 2 Hermle C32 with 300 centralized HSK 63 tools and each machine is producing over 7200 spindle hours annually. Bern Krebs"

Toolcraft AG - CompanyLogo
Toolcraft AG - Live_1441
Toolcraft AG - Live_1441
Toolcraft AG - Live_1441

Vetimec Soc. Coop.

"For us, Industry 4.0 was the transition from 25% of spindle use of 3 machines to 65% of spindle use of 10 machines in automatic with 2 people in one shift. Massimo Lolli"

Vetimec Soc. Coop. - CompanyLogo
Vetimec Soc. Coop. - Layout_1715
Vetimec Soc. Coop. - Layout_1829
Vetimec Soc. Coop. - Live_1715
Vetimec Soc. Coop. - Live_1829

Weiss Umformwerkzeuge GmbH

"We went with the PCam solution because it is much more flexible than the others. Norbert Weiss"

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Weiss Umformwerkzeuge GmbH  - Layout_1520
Weiss Umformwerkzeuge GmbH  - Live_1520