PCamMES Intro

PCamMES is an industry-leading Machining Execution System (MES) developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool making, injection molding, blanking and extrusion industries.
PCamMES is used to manage the production process of a company in an integrated and efficient way, through direct connections to the machines. This information is provided in real time for a complete view of the progress of orders and the physical state of the resources.
PCamMES communicates data with the ERP system.

PCamMES Intro

Main Board

For over 25 years, in collaboration with customers in the plastic injection and cutting die molds sector, we have developed the PCamMes production management system. PCamMes is a customized solution that allows you to simplify production and save costs and resources. The system is organized in various modules:
  • Management of components and parts.
  • Component-oriented planning of the production steps.
  • Design of work processes.
  • File management, data transmission.
  • Job management, manual, partially or fully automated.
  • Resource and information management.
  • Maintenance and assistance.
  • Magazine management.
Main Board

Machine Board

Displays the status of the CNC machines and all the relevant parameters for production.
  • OEE.
  • On.
  • Off.
  • Processing.
  • Interruption.
  • Name of the running program.
  • Motor trends.
  • Vibration of the spindle.
  • Current consumption.
  • Temperature.
Machine Board

Smart Watch

Data reception on the Smartwatch:
  • Messages.
  • Errors.
  • Finalizaçãoes.
  • Production delays.
Smart Watch


Management of index and vertical magazines.
  • External units.
  • Windows, Android, iOS.


  • Obtain, according to the identification system, the 3D HTML5 of the electrode, the workpiece or the tool from the database.
  • RFID.
  • DMC.


Production planning taking into account:
  • Availability of resources.
  • Delivery time.
  • Other criteria.


GANNT view of:
  • Resources.
  • Activity.
  • Processes.

Monitor Cellular

  • Plant image.
  • OEE.
  • Plant hours.
  • Plant status.
  • Schedule of work.
  • System errors.
  • Name of the running program .
Monitor Cellular

DMC Printer

Print a RCD to be applied to raw or machined workpieces:
  • Workpieces.
  • Blanks.
  • Tools.
DMC Printer

Viewer Html5

Checks the pre-set and the quality control of workpieces and tools.
  • 3D view.
  • Mesure.
  • Control.
Viewer Html5

Maintenance Doc

Maintenance Doc


Beacon for material localization.
Beacons are used for tracking the location of materials in the workplace, thus helping offices and employees to eliminate the old "timesheet" system.
  • Real-time display of the position of orders in the production line.
  • It is no longer necessary to record processing step times.
  • Eliminate human error.

Card Reader

  • Credit card size card reader to acquire the hours of operators, machines and mechanical parts
Card Reader

DMC Reader

  • Software to read DMC ECC200.
DMC Reader

Beacon Reader

  • Identification of objects and people with Beacon technology
Beacon Reader

Organizational Consultancy

Preparation for ISO 9001:
  • Organization chart of resources and competency within the company.
  • Process management.
  • Standardization of material and IT flows.
  • Rules and coordination.
  • Workload Management.
  • Performance control (measurement, incentive).
  • Communication and reporting systems.
  • Continuous improvement processes.
  • Intranet site.
Organizational Consultancy

Motivational Consultancy

Excellence in the company.
Align the team to remain competitive and performing. There are no successful companies. There are successful people who work in companies renewing themselves daily. To be better and more performing. For personal and business benefit. In a world that changes faster and more unexpectedly, in order to be efficient and remain competitive, it is essential to renew the paradigms of "being together" and "working together". In fact, today's challenges can only be overcome with a cohesive, dynamic and communicative team. A team that is strongly oriented towards excellence and that triggers virtuous processes and high standard performances.
Personal skills: self-esteem / self-evaluation.
  • How much am I worth? What are my talents, what are my sensitive areas?
  • What is my possible contribution?
  • How can I actually improve myself?
Relational skills: e ffi ective communication.
  • To communicate is to achieve the goal.
  • The 7 factors of effective communication.
  • The relationship of giving and taking: trust.
Emotional skills: finding the right placement in the team.
  • From personal needs to team and company values.
  • The 5 factors of emotional intelligence that allow me to find an advantageous position.
  • The business dynamics that create fl ow in the team: role-responsibility-priority delegation-control.
General objectives:
  • Becoming aware of your limits and potentials.
  • Acquire tools to broaden thinking and vision by improving operations.
  • Be motivated, take on new responsibilities.
  • Communicate more effectively, work better in the team.
Motivational Consultancy