Braunform GmbH

"The automatic Die Sink machine programming process allows us to increase the productivity of the department by 30%. Thomas Adler"

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Deutsche Technoplast GmbH

Deutsche Technoplast GmbH - CompanyLogo

Fim-premec Srl

"Thanks to Massimo I completely changed my thinking about how to produce in the tool shop. Stephen."

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fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH - CompanyLogo

Formentechnik Bayreuth GmbH

"The transition from an unloading system to an integrated cell has led us to the industry of 4.0. Jurgen Ziegler"

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Hager Electro SAS

Hager Electro SAS - CompanyLogo

Italform S.r.l.

Italform S.r.l. - CompanyLogo

Johann Hoefer & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG

"With the PCam solution we have achieved complete control of the mold manufacturing process. Dr Badock"

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MA Sas

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Mammini Serafino Team

Mammini Serafino Team - CompanyLogo

Meccanica Fabbri S.n.c.

"The best production choice made in the company ever! Mirko Fabbri"

Meccanica Fabbri S.n.c. - CompanyLogo

NTS S.p.A.

NTS S.p.A. - CompanyLogo

OMP Perico s.r.l.

OMP Perico s.r.l. - CompanyLogo

PMP Meccanica Srl

PMP Meccanica Srl - CompanyLogo

Sacel Srl

Sacel Srl - CompanyLogo

Toman GmbH

"With the PCam cell we have doubled the hours with the same number of people. Josef Toman."

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toolcraft AG

"In 90 square meters we have automated 2 Hermle C32 with 300 centralized HSK 63 tools and each machine is producing over 7200 spindle hours annually. Bern Krebs"

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Vetimec Soc. Coop.

"For us, Industry 4.0 was the transition from 25% of spindle use of 3 machines to 65% of spindle use of 10 machines in automatic with 2 people in one shift. Massimo Lolli"

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Weiss Umformwerkzeuge GmbH

"We went with the PCam solution because it is much more flexible than the others. Norbert Weiss"

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Weller Werkzeugbau GMBH & CO

Weller Werkzeugbau GMBH & CO - CompanyLogo

Wuerth Elektronik Stelvio Kontek S.p.A.

Wuerth Elektronik Stelvio Kontek S.p.A. - CompanyLogo