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Quality Policy

The company prioritizes responding to customers’ needs by supporting their production processes with automated solutions to increase productivity, product quality, and management efficiency. Therefore the company considers the following aspects significant:

  • understanding the customer’s production needs and the machine specifications for purchase design,
  • providing automation solutions that meet customer needs,
  • and delivering complete and performing supplies in compliance with agreed contractual terms

The company continuously pursues these quality elements in compliance with regulations and line with profitability objectives and business strategies.
To this end, the company considers the following strategies crucial:

  • involving employees in company objectives and process efficiency,
  • supporting internal processes with real-time management solutions,
  • implementing and maintaining an ISO 9001 management system,
  • codifying organizational and process know-how for sharing within the organization,
  • verifying by audit activity,
  • measuring through indicators,
  • and orienting towards improvement with the reference market conditions.

The company pursues these general objectives by setting performance targets, planning clear goals and actions, and regularly reviewing the management system. The Directorate of PCam SA guarantees this planning at least once a year due to the periodic review of the system.

Cadenazzo, 01/05/2018

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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