Automation system for handling work pieces and electrodes for 1-2 machines. Machines for milling, wire EDM, sinking, grinding, washing and measuring. Master, slave, serial or TCP/IP interface. Work piece, electrode and tool identification with DMC, chip or RFID (optional)
  • L x W x H (m): 1.7 x 2.45 x 2.5<\li>
  • MiniCube weight (kg): 1500<\li>
  • Maximum extension (mm): 1200<\li>
  • Maximum pallet weight (kg): 40an J6<\li>
  • Maximum weight of the electrode (kg): 8<\li>
  • Maximum pallet size (mm): 320x320x200 pallet including the piece<\li>
  • Max. pallet places: 10 • Max. electrode places: 192<\li>
  • Maximum size of the electrode: 55x55x80(mm) support including the electrode<\li>
  • Electricity: 3x400V+PE • Pneumatic: 200 l/min at 7 bar<\li> <\ul>