PCamDieSink references: learn how our customers have improved their production processes with our die-sinking CAD/CAM programming system.

3D-Technik Zehmeister GmbH

3D-Technik Zehmeister GmbH - CompanyLogo

Braunform GmbH

"The automatic Die Sink machine programming process allows us to increase the productivity of the department by 30%. Thomas Adler"

Braunform GmbH - CompanyLogo

Deutsche Technoplast GmbH

Deutsche Technoplast GmbH - CompanyLogo

fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

fischer Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH - CompanyLogo

Formentechnik Bayreuth GmbH

"The transition from an unloading system to an integrated cell has led us to the industry of 4.0. Jurgen Ziegler"

Formentechnik Bayreuth GmbH - CompanyLogo


GB BOUCHERIE NV. - CompanyLogo

Gewiss Spa

Gewiss Spa - CompanyLogo

Hager Electro SAS

Hager Electro SAS - CompanyLogo

Lampas Snc

Lampas Snc - CompanyLogo

Lovato Electric S.p.A.

Lovato Electric S.p.A. - CompanyLogo

MDM s.r.l.

"There were months when the machines ran 24 hours a day. Luca Minini."

MDM s.r.l. - CompanyLogo

Mottura Spa

"We control mold production and molding with just one solution. Dr. Lovera"

Mottura Spa - CompanyLogo

NTS S.p.A.

NTS S.p.A. - CompanyLogo

Officina Meccanica Marchetti S.r.l.

Officina Meccanica Marchetti S.r.l. - CompanyLogo


PLAMTEX INT., D.O.O. - CompanyLogo

Saga Spa

"PCam guarantees the ideal Industry 4.0 platform for our company. It allows us to plan, control (IoT) and automate processes and operations. It is independent of machine builders and CAD CAM software platforms. ERP is mobile and flexible. Andrea Cardin"

Saga Spa - CompanyLogo

SFS Group Schweiz AG

"With the PCam solution we can monitor 40 CNC erosion machines and keep our production under control. Damian Dietsche"

SFS Group Schweiz  AG - CompanyLogo

Sinit kunststoffwerke GmbH

Sinit kunststoffwerke GmbH - CompanyLogo

Soldano Stampi srl

"The PCamRoboCube solution allows us to produce inserts automatically. Gianni Soldano"

Soldano Stampi srl - CompanyLogo

Swoboda Wiggensbach KG

Swoboda Wiggensbach KG - CompanyLogo

Vetimec Soc. Coop.

"For us, Industry 4.0 was the transition from 25% of spindle use of 3 machines to 65% of spindle use of 10 machines in automatic with 2 people in one shift. Massimo Lolli"

Vetimec Soc. Coop. - CompanyLogo

Weiss Umformwerkzeuge GmbH

"We went with the PCam solution because it is much more flexible than the others. Norbert Weiss"

Weiss Umformwerkzeuge GmbH  - CompanyLogo

Weller Werkzeugbau GMBH & CO

Weller Werkzeugbau GMBH & CO - CompanyLogo

Wuerth Elektronik Stelvio Kontek S.p.A.

Wuerth Elektronik Stelvio Kontek S.p.A. - CompanyLogo