ALTO s.r.l.

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Formentechnik Bayreuth GmbH

"The transition from an unloading system to an integrated cell has led us to the industry of 4.0. Jurgen Ziegler"

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Italform S.r.l.

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MA Sas

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MDM s.r.l.

"There were months when the machines ran 24 hours a day. Luca Minini."

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Mottura Spa

"We control mold production and molding with just one solution. Dr. Lovera"

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Radar Leather Division S.r.l.

"Raddoppiato le ore macchina"

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SFS Group Schweiz AG

"With the PCam solution we can monitor 40 CNC erosion machines and keep our production under control. Damian Dietsche"

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Soldano Stampi srl

"The PCamRoboCube solution allows us to produce inserts automatically. Gianni Soldano"

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Toman GmbH

"With the PCam cell we have doubled the hours with the same number of people. Josef Toman."

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Vetimec Soc. Coop.

"For us, Industry 4.0 was the transition from 25% of spindle use of 3 machines to 65% of spindle use of 10 machines in automatic with 2 people in one shift. Massimo Lolli"

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