PCamHeavy pallet and tools handling system enables automated machining center production with big weights.
Dimensions diameter mm Weights kg
1'000 2'000
2'500 5'000
4'000 10'000
  • PCam concept is independent from the machine type, individually configurable, flexible and extendable.
  • Multi load unload stations available as an option.
  • PCamCell JobManager can be individually configured and if necessary extended with additional functions such as NC or tool data management.
  • Bi directional ERP as well as PPS interfaces to many system available.
  • The processes can be easily tracked on mobile end devices and interfaces.
  • Since the parts produced in a line of this type can be very varied, a large number of tools are also required in order to give autonomy to the system.
  • PCamCell manages up to 3000 HSK or ISO tools of various sizes.