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Everything under control with PCam®Tool
  • With the new tool management system, you can significantly increase the productivity of your company. The computer-assisted, automatic management system provides you with a tool program tailored to your needs.
  • Tools used in production can be stored clearly and managed efficiently. RFID coded drawers and tools ensure safe, clean and orderly storage of the tools at all times. This avoids errors and accelerates work processes.
  • The monitoring of minimum stocks with tool order ensures that the tools required for production are always available.
  • The SQL-based system gives you access to an overview of the available stocks at all times. This ensures permanent and complete transparency of tool wear and the associated costs. The automatic ordering process also significantly reduces the costs of purchasing goods.
Available in 3 versions:
  • Object creation module (tool holder - tool extension)
  • centralized tool database
  • QR code management
  • Management of the physical distribution of tools and magazines
  • Evo:
  • Connection module for tool presetting device
  • Connection module for machine tool
  • Module for tool data transfer
  • Advance:
    • Base + Evo +:
    • Tool Life Management Module
    • Management module for the transmission and execution of the programs
    • Scanning module program for checking the presence of tools and localizing the location of machine tool magazines
    • Execution engine for programs
    • Data acquisition of tools
    PCamTM Intro
    PCamToolManager is an industry-leading tool management system specially developed for the precision engineering, tool making, injection molding, blanking and extrusion industries.
    • Monitoring of movement, activities and use of components.
    • Traceability of component movements within the workshop.
    • Software connection with automatic warehouses and automatic tool drawers.
    • Analysis of warehouse status and machine tool chains.
    • Use of ISO 13399 template.
    • 3D models of all tools in the workshop.
    • Setting the real tool offsets via presets.
    • Export of tool offsets directly to the machine.
    • Integration with DMC system for tool data identification and management.
    NC Program
    • Module to load an NC program and identify all tools used and their physical location in the workshop.
    CNC Correction
    • Module for sending tool corrections to all machines with CNC control.
    • Today, there are many available options for securely and quickly transferring data from the presetter to your CNC machine.
    • The post-processor or data transfer via the DNC network ares used to prepare measured actual tool data in a manner appropriate for the machine controller involved and transmit actual data from the presetting and measuring machine directly to the CNC controller. Data is transmitted over the network or over a serial interface. PCamTM measuring importer converts the measured values determined by the machine into a control-compatible format and outputs them. The software contains a library of over 200 standard output formats for a wide variety of machines.
    MillTool Mag
    • Module to pick and deposit a tool identified DMC in a position of a tool changer or in an external tool magazine over the web (Windows, Android, iOS).
    • Module for Data Matrix Code identification.
    • Module for Data Matrix Code identification.
    PRG 1
    PRG 2