PCamPPS (CAPP) controls the planning of the production process of a single piece or product as well as series of pieces or products. Total integration of the manufacturing process:
  • From taking charge of the order to the finished pieces, a single point from which to check the processing status.
  • Management of orders, phases and processes, and related inter-dependencies; a manager creates the model of the manufacturing process starting from the order and the attached drawings and can delegate specific tasks to specific operators by forming a chain of dependencies.
  • Ability to explore the state (and history) of the various elements (electrodes, positions, pieces, machines, etc.) of a process.
  • Unified database for PCam automation systems.
  • The client software that controls the machines can query the PPS to operate with optimized choices not only in relation to what they know from the machines themselves or from their operator but in relation to the dynamics of the overall machining process.
  • A single operator, throughout the company (even remotely), is sufficient to diagnose an error or a blocking state on a machine or on an automation element.
Information in your hands.
Client software such as PCamCell and PCamMMS continuously update the information and thus allow the operator to integrate all the information. Advanced reporting correlates information from different sources and allows the optimization of work processes.
PPS Intro
  • PCamPPS allows you to manage a mold manufacturing process planning model and develop knowledge bases to support mold manufacturing process planning. PCamPPS facilitates the rationalization and automation of planning of the mold development process, thereby improving efficiency and quality and reducing the development costs of products and molding processes.


  • Plant image.
  • OEE.
  • Plant hours.
  • Plant status.
  • Schedule of work.
  • System errors.
  • Name of the running program .
  • Monitoring of shearing presses and plastic injection presses.
  • Raw material warehouse management. Allows to load a resource into the warehouse, unloading is programmed automatically during operation.
  • Definition of process resources such as: people, machines, materials, software, etc.