CMM programming is one of the bottlenecks of the production process. The increase in demand for small batches of very accurate and precise parts increases the need to measure parts produced easily and efficiently.
The measurement department is usually considered the most expensive of the entire production cycle.
The PCamMMS measurement software optimizes the measurement process allowing the customer to remain efficient and competitive.
With the PCamMMS software the measurement is reduced to defining the measurement points on the solid, leaving all the measurement management to the PCamMMS.
Features of PCam MMS software:

  • Windows graphical user interface.
  • Import of STEP, IGES, SAT and _XT solids and visual CAD programming of measurement cycles.
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Graphical interface.
  • Unique structure for geometric programs and surfaces.
  • Algorithms certified by international institutes of metrology.
  • Graphical representation of the controlled elements.
  • Graphical representation of errors.
  • Operator dialogue and multilingual reports.
  • Automatic selection of electrodes and pieces for erosion.
  • Module to use image taken with digital camera, the data is used to generate the preset program on the CNC machine.
EPS Electrode Pre Set
  • Module to manually or automatically preset an electrode on the CMM. Independent of the type of CMM.
  • Module for automatic control with reject management and electrodes quality.
  • Electrode dimensional control and comparison: given the points to be measured, based on the specifications, the module allows automatic electrode quality control on CMM.
WPS Workpiece Pre Set
  • Module to manually or automatically preset one or more workpieceson the CMM. Independent of the type of CMM.
WQC Workpiece Quality Control
  • Module to read the points defined on the solid of the workpiece and, based on the diameter of the probe, automatically discard those that cannot be reached. It then generates the measurement program that the CMM will have to run to measure all the required points.
  • Based on the preset measurement, the real gap is automatically calculated on the electrode base, and the technology for the machine is dynamically modified in order to optimize erosion.
  • Export the geometry in 3D HTML5 format.
  • Module to obtain a measurement report in PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, CSV, TXT format that can be sent via email. Contains the image of the measured element with the values within tolerance and out of tolerance.
  • Simulation of measurement cycles.
  • Metrosoft QUARTIS measurement data reading module.
  • Calypso measurement data reading module.
  • PCDmis measurement data reading module.
  • MCOSMOS measurement data reading module.
  • Arcocad measurement data reading module.
  • Module for management of USoft measurement cycle.
  • Module for management of Mitutoyo measurement cycle.
  • Module for management of Pantec measurement cycle.
  • Module for management of Zeiss measurement cycle.
  • Module for management of I ++ measurement cycle.