Shape your future! PCam Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an intelligent, expert system that combines objects of design, programming, personnel, material, machines, etc. Planning is continuously updated based on real-time conditions. Industry 4.0 and digitization are the challenges of the future, including in the production of small single lots or individual parts, especially for tool and mold making. The transition to the digital age also requires an increase in automation and network production for small and medium-sized businesses, and therefore a paperless production. The flow of data, materials and information for production must be planned in advance in order to control the individual production steps as efficiently as possible. The PCamMes process management system offers with its modules the gradual entry into the digital age. PCamMes offers various software components from the collection of all data and information relevant to production, through manual and automatic processing of data at specialized work sites, analysis and analysis of production processes. With its interfaces to ERP, CAD and CAM systems, CNC, PCamMes links the management of ERP orders with internal production orders.
  • Accepts connections from win, android, and iOS clients and based on the identification system provides various information.


PCamMES รจ un sistema MES (Machining Execution System) developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool-making, mold - die, press and extrusion tool industries. PCamMES is used to manage a company's production process in an integrated and efficient way, through direct connections to the machines. This information is provided in real time for a complete view of the progress of orders and the physical state of resources. PCamMES communicates data with the ERP system
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For over 15 years, in collaboration with customers in the plastic injection molding and blanking industry, we have developed the PCamMes production management system. PCamMes is a tailor-made solution that simplifies production and saves costs and resources. The system is organized in various modules
  • Management of components and parts
  • Planning oriented to the components of the production phases
  • Design of work processes
  • File management, data transmission
  • Work management, manual, partially or completely automated
  • Management of resources and information
  • Maintenance and assistance
  • Warehouse Management


It allows you to view the status of CNC machines and all the parameters relevant for production
  • OEE
  • On
  • Off
  • In processing
  • Interruption
  • Name of the running program
  • Motor trends
  • Vibration of the spindle
  • Current consumption
  • Temperature