PCamMES รจ un sistema MES (Machining Execution System) developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool-making, mold - die, press and extrusion tool industries. PCamMES is used to manage a company's production process in an integrated and efficient way, through direct connections to the machines. This information is provided in real time for a complete view of the progress of orders and the physical state of resources. PCamMES communicates data with the ERP system
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For over 15 years, in collaboration with customers in the plastic injection molding and blanking industry, we have developed the PCamMes production management system. PCamMes is a tailor-made solution that simplifies production and saves costs and resources. The system is organized in various modules
  • Management of components and parts
  • Planning oriented to the components of the production phases
  • Design of work processes
  • File management, data transmission
  • Work management, manual, partially or completely automated
  • Management of resources and information
  • Maintenance and assistance
  • Warehouse Management


It allows you to view the status of CNC machines and all the parameters relevant for production
  • OEE
  • On
  • Off
  • In processing
  • Interruption
  • Name of the running program
  • Motor trends
  • Vibration of the spindle
  • Current consumption
  • Temperature

Smart Watch

  • Possibility to receive on the smart watch
    1. Messages
    2. Errors
    3. Completions
    4. Production delays