PCamJobManager Intro
PCamJobManager is an industry-leading high-performance job management software for the automation of individual machines with or without ATC, WPC or ETC, specially developed for the precision engineering, tooling, injection molding, stamping and extrusion industries.
  • Easy to use production progress.
  • Priorities and constraints.
  • RFID chip and 1D or 2D barcodes for identification.
  • Link data from external databases or PPS systems.
  • Transfer of processing times, zero points, result measurement.
  • Business plan parallelism.
  • Minimization of tool and collet changes.
  • Twin tools based on time or number of parts.
  • Machining sequence process for multi-machine automation.
  • Automatic parts flow across multiple machines.
  • Direct clamping of workpieces without pallets with orientations for multi-sided machining.
  • PCamJobManager is an industry leading JobManagement system developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool making, injection molding, blanking and extrusion industries.