• Powerful machine management software for cell automation of multiple machine tools with or without ATC, WPC.
  • Very suitable solution for EMTA retrofit.
  • Cell processing, definition of machine properties, learning mode, configuration of magazine positions and machine references.
  • Processing sequence with priority management and chaotic loading.
  • Remote processing initiation, realistic simulation, remote report via email, SMS, Skype.
  • RFID chip or 1D and 2D barcode identification.
  • Connection data from external databases or PPS systems.
  • Transfer of processing times, zero points, measurement results, etc.
  • All activities can be processed in parallel.
  • Control of the machining sequence for the automation of several machines.
  • Automatic part control on multiple machines.
  • Minimize tool and collet changes.
  • Twin tools based on uptime or number of pieces machined.
  • Direct clamping of workpieces without pallets with orientations for multi-sided machining.
PCamFMC Intro
A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) or flexible manufacturing cell (FMC) is a manufacturing system in which there is some amount of flexibility that allows the system to react in case of changes, whether predicted or unpredicted. This flexibility is generally considered to fall into two categories, which both contain numerous subcategories. The first category is called as routing flexibility which covers the system's ability to be changed to produce new product types, and ability to change the order of operations executed on a part. The second category is called machine flexibility which consists of the ability to use multiple machines to perform the same operation on a part, as well as the system's ability to absorb large-scale changes, such as in volume, capacity, or capability. Most FMS / FMC consist of three main systems:
  • The "work machines" which are often connected automated CNC machines.
  • The "material / part / tool handling" system to optimize material / part / tool flow / movement.
  • The "central control computer" which controls material / part / tool flow / movement and machine CNC execution.
The main advantages of an FMS / FMC is its high flexibility in managing manufacturing resources like time and effort in order to manufacture a new product. The best application of an FMS / FMC is found in the production of small sets of products.
Cell bit0 1 Machine
  • PCamCell program for managing a single tooling machine (wire, die sink, milling, turning, grinding, CMM, washing machine, etc.) in the cell.
Cell bit1 2 Machines
  • PCamCell program for managing two tooling machines (wire, die sink, milling, turning, grinding, CMM, washing machine, etc.) in the cell.