PCamWire Solid

  • CAM for programming machine tools with wire erosion technology.     
  • Generate complete code: ISO path, strategy management, technological parameters.     
  • Advanced CAD functionality.

PCamWire Solid (StdConic)

  • From a drwaing 2D or 3D it is possible to produce a wire tool path for cylindrical and standard conic cuts.
  • The generated path has linear and arc interpolation (G01, G02, G03) on a plane.

PCamWire Solid (AdvConic)

  • From a 2D or 3D drawing (if included in the product) you can generate the toolpath for helical cuts, with constant rake angle on the whole profile or with a rake type "ISO-range" on the arches.
  • ISO range is used for example to avoid intertagli on the arches, the corner due to excessive clearance to the workpiece height.
  • The generated code includes linear or circular movements (G01, G02, G03) on an XY plane programming, but also movements in 4 axes for the management of the ISO range for machines that require it.


Allows easy parametric forms to be created


Calculates: the number of segments (linear, circular), length, area, barycentre, inertial momentum, center of thrust of ordinary contours and contours which form a surface


Allows the automatic creation of the contour of a cog or all the cogged wheel, internal or external, generating the involutes in accordance with European standards (ISO) or American standards (AGMA) or Japanese standard. It offers control parameters of the profile of the cog which makes it ideal for the recovery of worn couplings


CAD full mechanical functionality: all geometrical elements definition, contours assembling, quoting, hatching, and surface definition.


Volumetric simulation of erosion of pieces with undercut control


Calculates a new surface from the section of one which already exists. The plans for sections can be freely defined even beyond the limits of the original surface. It is used in the drawing field and extrusion