PCamDieSInk is an industry-leading die-sinking CAD / CAM system developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool making, injection molding, blanking and extrusion industries.
Available in the following versions:
  • PCamDS Std
  • PCamDS Adv
The PCamDS management system allows the programming of any die-sinking erosion machine starting directly from the CAD design of the mold. Once the electrodes have been extracted, machine programming is direct.
  • In a few minutes, after choosing the electrodes family and the desired roughness, the complete machine programming is ready for the start of processing.
  • Thanks to the use of measuring machines, the system associates the offsets detected during the measurement phase, thus allowing safe processing without human errors with the reduction of the high presetting times that occur with die-sink erosion machines.
  • It allows the monitoring of the work itself which, as an option, can also be done remotely via mobile phone, sms or email.
The management package can be directly integrated into the PCamFMC or PCamPPS configurations, without requiring the adoption of additional communication modules.

PCamDS Std

Programming software for any die-sinking machine via graphical interface.
The program includes:
  • Insertion of workpiece and its dimensions.
  • Insertion of processes, consisting of vectors, positioning and quality target.
  • Insertion of roughing electrodes, finishers electrodes including passes and orbits.
  • Insertion of workpiece and electrode corrections.
Full scalability towards the PCamDS Adv version.

PCamDS Adv

Programming software for any die-sinking machine via graphical interface.
The program includes:

  • Basic Diesink Programming PCamDS Std.

  • 3D Import module.
    • To acquire directly from the geometry the number of impression, the X coordinates; Y; Z and C electrode positioning and the erosion vector: vertical, lateral, sub-square and injection.
  • Electrode Definition Module.
    • To add technological information quickly and without errors: number and type of electrodes per impression, electrode under-measurement, electrode projected surface.
  • Database Access Module.
    • To save electrodes and parts in the database, in order to make them available for presetting.

    Electrode Definition

    • Module to automatically detect the data necessary for programming diesink machines from the geometry (3D).
    • The automatically acquired data are:
      • Multi-cavity machining.
      • Multielectrodes.
      • Electrode positioning coordinates: X, Y, Z and C.
      • Vertical, lateral, undercut and injection vectors.
      • Angle C of erosion.
      • Automatic calculation (or manual management) of the projected surface.
      • Piece size and electrodes.
      • Creation and management of quality milestone templates including:
      • Type of electrode: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing.
      • Number of electrodes per family.
      • Submeasure.
    • Full integration with PCam's “Database Access” Module.

    Quality Target

    • Selection Panel for the Quality Database Target PPS technology. Selection options for single family or group of families electrodes.