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ISO 9001

The company’s priority objective is to respond to the customer’s need to support their production processes with automated solutions, capable of increasing productivity, product quality and management efficiency. The following aspects are therefore considered of significant importance:

  • the correct understanding of the customer’s production needs and, therefore, of the specifications relating to the desired product
  • the design of automation solutions that meet customer needs
  • the complete supply in compliance with the contractual terms
  • the satisfaction of the operating performance of the product

The elements described above are pursued on an ongoing basis in compliance with current legislation in all areas affected by management and in accordance with the company’s profitability objectives and commercial strategies. For this purpose, the following are considered strategic:

  • the involvement of collaborators in company objectives and process efficiency
  • the support of internal processes with management solutions capable of providing all relevant management data in real-time

With the implementation and maintenance of a management system compliant with the ISO 9001 standard, PCam SA intends to codify its organizational and process know-how and to make it shareable within the organization itself, verifiable with audit activities, measurable through a system of indicators, oriented towards improvement in line with the contingent conditions of the reference market.

The general objectives outlined are pursued through the definition of performance targets of the main processes, the planning of detailed objectives and actions to improve the management system. This planning is guaranteed by the PCam SA Management on an annual basis following the periodic review of the system.

Cadenazzo, 01/05/2018